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Useful Tips to take care of your clothes: • Go for quality over quantity: Invest in clothing that holds better quality. Always look for high quality fabrics. • Protect your clothes: We should all be protecting clothes from damage and stains. If you do happen to get stains, please make sure to get it dry clean from a quality dry cleaner. • Avoid machine washing Only dry clean: Machine washing will be harsh on your clothes and can damage them. It is likely to lose its original color, fall apart, and then shrink when it is placed in the dryer. Always dry clean the clothes from a quality dry cleaner only. • Store your clothes properly: Avoid keeping your garments in places such as your bathroom where bacteria are more likely to grow and damage them. It is best to store them in a clean, dry, and cool environment that has no contact with direct sunlight to keep them in good condition. • Finally: Love your clothes: ‘Bel-Buta’ always takes extra care to offer best quality clothes at affordable prices. We try to look at them from a whole new perspective by styling ‘You’ in new ways. By purchasing our clothes, you can feel like you have expanded your wardrobe by creating new outfits with the items that you already own.

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