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About Us

About and Bel-Buta is a private online platform for providing exquisite range of ‘Lucknow Chikankari’ garments and fabrics. The brand name ‘Bel-Buta’ refers to intricate patterns of tendrils and climbers holding floral motifs. It signifies the artistic patterns which form the core of the Lucknow Chikankari handmade embroidery designs. 

Bel-Buta provides an exquisite assortment of finely crafted and meticulously designed handmade Chikankari garments based on cotton, georgette, viscose, silk, and muslin fabrics. The versatile range of fabrics has been selected to cater to the needs of various occasions ranging from formal office wear to embellished festive wear suiting the demands of our esteemed customers.

Each garment in our exquisite bouquet has been selected to reflect the aesthetic ambience and finesse reflecting the core culture of the city of Lucknow. Every effort has been made to include those garments in the collection which are not just classy and graceful but also comfortable and simple to wear. The collection offers uniqueness and style combined with elegance and value for money to its customers. 

Bel-Buta business model is based on offering latest trending garments while maintaining high quality at affordable prices. The chikankari fabrics that are offered on this platform have been designed & embroidered by the core chikankari artisans based in the city of Lucknow. The exclusively crafted hand-made embroidered fabrics reflect the artwork & aesthetic sense of the humble artisans of the city. Chikankari embroidery has been the bread and butter of several artisans in Lucknow and hence it has been a small effort on our side to contribute to the income and well-being of the artisans by offering them ‘Right price’ for their products. Every garment offered here, therefore, reflects not just the hard work and perseverance of the workers but also their well being and quality of life.

About Lucknow Chikankari

The art of Chikankari is considered to be around four centuries old, prevalent in the city of Lucknow, the capital of Uttar Pradesh. The word ‘chikan’ has been derived from the Persian word chakeen or chakin which means depicting intricate design motifs of flowers, leaves, fruits and tendrils on fabrics. The art of Chikankari is said to be introduced by Noor Jahan, the wife of the Mughal emperor Jehangir, who had a Persian origin. It is said that she patronized the chikankari artisans to the city of Lucknow and since then the chikankari art has flourished and subsequently evolved by the artisans in this city. The craftsmanship of the artisans reflects the ‘tehzeeb’ and ‘nazakat’ of the city of Lucknow.

Chikankari work was originally done on muslin cloth with white threads. Gradually the evolving demands of fashion and changing trends spread this work to other fabrics such as silk, georgette, voil and cotton in various hues and colors. The contemporary designs in chikan work now make use of zari, zardozi, mukaish and sequins too. The chikankari embroidery comprises of several design stitches known as murri, tepchi, phanda, jaali, bakhiya, hool and bijli. 

Chikan garments and fabrics have been a rage in the modern fashion industry with chikan garments being exquisitely showcased in Bollywood films, fashion parades and shows and have been the cynosure of the artworks of several fashion designers. 

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